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December 29, 2012


Published in the Daily Gazette, September 10, 1998


Domalewicz wins support of Albany's mayor, others

by Teresa Novellino
Gazeette Reporter, September 10, 1998

ALBANY - Mayor Jerry Jennings joined an umbrella-toting group gathered at the Capitol on Wednesday for a rainy rally of support for County Legislator Gary Domalewicz's run for the 104th Assembly District.

Domalewicz, who faces Assemblyman Jack McEneny in Tuesday's Democratic primary, got some backing from several county Legislature colleagues, as well as some ward leaders and City Treasurer Betty Barnette.

County Legislator Nancy Wiley, D-Albany, said the Assembly needs someone who won't "cave in to the downstate legislators." "Gary has a proven record of being aggressive, creative and a responsive legislator," she said.

Jennings - a political foe of McEneny - said Domalewicz would work with him by fighting for state legislation that would help the city of Albany. He and McEneny have been at odds since last year, when McEneny made an unsuccessful bid for mayor.

"I need a partner on the Hill," Jennings said. "I've been criticized for doing my own lobbying - well, I have to do my own lobbying."

McEneny said the mayor simply doesn't ask for his assistance.

"Ask the mayor how many times he's come to my office or come to [Assemblyman] Ron Canestrari's office." McEneny said. "He doesn't deal with any Democrats up here."

Instead, he said, the mayor does an end run around local lawmakers and appeals to the governor's office.

McEneny, who turned up at Domalewicz's event uninvited, called the turnout of about two dozen "pathetic," considering it was lunchtime and the building is close to City Hall and the Albany County Office Building. "This is faux power and prestige - I think it's pathetic," McEneny said.

"I'm glad to see that he came to support me," Domalewicz told the group.

Off to the side when McEneny arrived, he said:

"Can you believe he showed up? He has no class."

Domalewicz said he was pleased with the attendance, though adding rain may have kept away some supporters.

Also Wednesday, the two candidates reinterated their stances on abortion, amid questions over an endorsement that the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League gave to Domalewicz.

The county lawmaker said he opposes "partial birth" abortions, unless the life and health of the mother in her third trimester of pregnancy are in danger. Domalewicz's stance is in line with Roe vs. Wade, and with NARAL's position, said NARAL's Executive Director, Kelli Conlin.

The two men have another debate scheduled for noon today at the First Presbyterian Church, 262 State Street.