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August 24, 2014


The suburbanites who run the Hearst-owned Times Union have always done everything they can to make Albany look bad, and to make their precious unsustainable heavily-subsidized suburbs look better than they are. For example, it wasn’t until this year that they reported on the widespread use of heroin in Niskayuna and Colonie. And when Howe Library in the South End reopened after renovations, which made the interior of the library building drop-dead gorgeous, I watched one of their picture snappers take a close up of a limestone block above the entrance doorway that had a crack and brown stains. This, of course, was the photo that they used, with the caption “Howe Library Opens In The South End.” That’s was their report, no copy, nothing.

So it didn’t surprise me that one of their picture snappers saw a dead rat on Sheridan Avenue, and of course that snapshot was prominently displayed online as representative of Albany:

Rex Smith, for publishing that picture you can kiss my butt.