Proud To Be A Patriotic American Liberal

December 31, 2017

My New Year’s resolution to no longer be ashamed of
holding American values

We live in a Liberal country that is the living expression of a Liberal society.  We were forged in a Liberal revolution fought and won decisively by a Liberal army against what was once the most powerful military in the world.  We are sustained by Liberal institutions that are defined by our Liberal constitution, at the center of which is the Liberal Bill of Rights that is the basis for our Liberal rule of law.  Anyone who considers him or her self to be an American automatically considers him or her self to be a Liberal.

If an American does not consider him or her self to be a Liberal, then that person is not an American and has rejected everything that this country stands for.  If that person hates Liberals, then that person hates Americans and therefore hates America.  Thus it should be obvious that anyone born and raised in this country, who has been nurtured and socialized under American values but claims to hate Liberals, is someone who is self hating and quite possibly mentally ill.

And yet this country is crawling with puffed up self-haters who loudly proclaim their hatred of Liberals.  Meanwhile patriotic Americans who are loyal to the Constitution and acknowledge the primacy of the Bill of Rights have been made to be ashamed of our patriotism by these self-haters, we are mocked and sneered at by those people who hate America.  Look far and wide across this country, you will find almost everyone either claims to hate basic American values or is ashamed of holding basic American values.

Liberal Soldiers Fighting For Independence From The Owners Of The East India Company Liberal Soldiers Fighting For Independence From The Owners Of The East India Company

However, if you talk to any of these self-haters, you will find that almost all of them actually strongly believe in Liberal American values.  They believe in freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to a fair trial by a jury, freedom from search and seizure by the government or by the government’s agents. Many of them believe in the right to bear arms, a Liberal conception. They even believe in the freedom to share information without restraint by the authorities, although few Americans seem to understand what that means in our modern technological society, even as they routinely assume freedom of information sharing as a right.

The anti-Liberalism of these self-haters is a surface attitude that does not run deep, this surface attitude covers and hides a basic adherence to Liberalism that runs deep into their American souls.  It’s a beautiful thing buried in filth.  Sometimes I wish that I could open the skulls of these people and scrape off that layer of filth from their minds, like skimming the fat of the top of a pot of cold soup.

These sorts of people are not inherently self-hating, they were not born this way, rather they are victims of misinformation and miseducation.  They have been taught to hate themselves, to be ashamed of their Liberalism.  They know very well the difference between right and wrong, but they have been misled by liars who truly hate America and want to see it destroyed.  These folks do not deserve to be condemned for their confusion, what they need is to be made aware of how they have been misled, and how they have been turned into shameful fools by the worst elements of our society.

Neo-Nazis At The 2016 Re-pub National Convention Neo-Nazis At The 2016 Re-pub National Convention

There are indeed a handful of Americans who truly do not believe in these American Liberal values, such as so-called Neo-Nazis.  These people, for the most part, are immature freaks living in their mother’s basements spending the bulk of their time posting troll comments on message boards and watching porn.  One could plausibly argue that they should be treated the same as any other persons with mental illness, but one could also present a much more plausible argument that they should be held to at least a minimum standard of personal responsibility for their anti-American behaviors. 

Also, and much more importantly, there is a narrow class of obscenely monied self-styled aristocrats who have never accepted the Liberal Revolution of 1776, who reject Liberal values for everyone but themselves.  They dream of recreating the society that they falsely believe existed before the Liberal Revolution, a society where the vast majority of people were ignorant animals subservient to a handful of aristocratic overseers, where none of us Americans dared to  demand basic Liberal freedoms under pain of torture and execution.  These latter day aristocratic pretenders all foolishly and erroneously believe that in this imaginary recreated retro society they will be the new rulers and lord it over the rest of us, the herd of inferiors.

Welfare Queens Welfare Queens

Such persons, both these Neo-Nazi basement trolls and particularly these parasitic aristocratic welfare queens, should not be taken seriously by the rest of us at any time for any reason, they do not deserve to enjoy the Liberal rights that define everybody else around them.  They do not support our Liberal society and we Americans should not support them.  As far as I’m concerned both sets of traitors should be rounded up, stripped of the assets that they have looted from the Liberal society that has nurtured them, and expelled from this country permanently.

Yes, in my opinion anyone who does not share and support basic American Liberal values should be deported to a country that hates Liberals as much as they do, a place like Saudi Arabia or North Korea.  There they can experience life without Liberalism, where people are routinely put to death for speaking their minds, where religion is either outlawed or only one is allowed, where information is tightly controlled, where trials are public jokes, where your every possession and your very body has no security.  If this is what those people want for this country then they should go find someplace where they can experience the putrid joys of anti-Liberalism so we don’t have to deal with them. 

Newspaper Newsroom, 1980s Newspaper Newsroom, 1980s

How did this strange state of affairs come about, where the vast majority of Americans are ashamed of basic American values and a large minority openly proclaim their hatred of these values?  How did loyalty to the foundations of our country become politically incorrect?  Why do so many Americans hate themselves for being Americans?

It did not happen overnight.  It took decades of miseducation, and decades of intellectual suppression.  At the same time it took a willingness by the population to believe what they were told, to absorb that miseducation as unassailable truth.  It took a coordinated set of powerful liars who broadcast their lies through one-way information technology.

It took about forty years.  In the late 1970s the information outlets at the time, the newspapers and magazines, the radio and especially the television began to coordinate what sort of information content they presented to the public. The information services became a propaganda machine.  At first it was not at all noticeable, no one was looking for something like that or expecting it.  But by the beginning of the next decade, the 1980s, this new coordinated media had expelled an incumbent president of the United States and replaced him with an extreme radical right ideologue. 

Radical Corporatist ideologue Ronnie Reagan With His Cabinet Of Handlers Radical Corporatist ideologue Ronnie Reagan With His
Cabinet Of Handlers

Emboldened by that success, and supported by the new regime that raised taxes on people who work for a living, a regime that began the process of shattering the political power of the middle and working classes, this new coordinated media widened its attack against American society.  This Corporate Media set to reshaping American society in its image, choosing our politicians for us, cowing those it could not remove and infiltrating our minds with their agenda.  And their agenda was nothing less than reducing American society to a Corporate Dictatorship that resembled themselves, a feudal structure where every individual answers to the individual who is their designated superior all the way up to the CEO, the dictator.

An important central part of that Corporatist Agenda involved a seemingly small semantic manipulation, a little adjustment to our minds that has had terrifyingly profound consequences.  The problem before the Corporatist manipulators was this, how do you convince a patriotic freedom loving people to hate their freedom and become unpatriotic?  How do you convince Americans to hate the foundations of their own country and at the same time learn to hate themselves, the idea being to facilitate tight control over the people?

The elites who control the Corporate Media hit on an amazingly simple and effective trick, to teach the American people to hate the word “Liberal.” This Corporate Media machine, speaking in one voice across TV, radio and print, taught us to regard Liberals as bad, and that Liberal Americanism was anti-American.  Those who continued to adhere to foundational American ideals were cowed into being ashamed of themselves for their patriotism, afraid to express their love of country in public.

Patriotic Americans Demonstrate In Albany NY, November 2016 Patriotic Americans Demonstrate In Albany NY, November 2016

And it worked.  In the late 1980s I attended a talk at our local library from a fellow who had been held hostage in Lebanon for some 3 years and had recently been released.  He’d been deprived of contact with American society all that time.  He told us that he regarded himself as someone who held basic Liberal values… not knowing that the word and the ideas behind it had been declared bad by the propaganda machine.  

The moderator for the talk was a woman editor from the local outlet of the Hearst Corporation-owned local newspaper, which back then had tremendous influence not only over local public opinion but over local politicians.  When the former hostage declared himself a Liberal a smattering of us tentatively clapped our approval.  But the manager from the Hearst Rag glared furiously at those of us who clapped.  She would not tolerate any sort of approval for patriotic Liberalism, and most of us were cowed into silence.  (The former hostage, of course, looked confused by the exchange.)

I mention this story to show that this coordinated effort to demonize the word Liberal was not just a political policy of the top media executives and their owners, distant lords spewing treason from the distant tops of big City skyscrapers.  This order reached down into the newsrooms of outlets located in market backwaters like Albany NY where I live.  But that is how corporations work, whether we are talking about Hearst or the government of North Korea.  The CEO hands down decrees and the little local corporate bureaucrats carry out the commands without question.

Holocaust Survivor Michael Rice Denounces The Anti-Liberal Agenda Of The Current Federal Administration, Albany NY November 2016 Holocaust Survivor Michael Rice Denounces The Anti-Liberal Agenda Of The Current Federal Administration, Albany NY November 2016

By the 1990s the word Liberal had become a pejorative.  A new breed of rad righties nurtured by the politically fascistic Corporate Media were instructed to accuse anyone who held basic American values of being “a Liberal,” and those of us who remained loyal to our country’s principles made excuses and learned to shamefully avoid the label.  Meanwhile the Corporate Media propaganda machine, which by then reigned supreme as an information monopoly, censored the word outright except to occasionally make sneering references to “Liberal” politicians that it attacked because they did not push the Corporatist Agenda to their satisfaction.

But that was not enough for them.  The propaganda machine did not merely censor the word, they worked to obliterate the word Liberal by equating it to and thus obliterating it with the new word “Neoliberal.”  (The word “Neoconservative” was also introduced but withdrawn after it developed negative connotations, such as the accurate description “Neocon artist.”  Today “Neoconservative” is effectively censored for that reason.)

This equating of the two words was done by not clearly defining either one, which effectively muddied the stark line that separate the two.  For example, the quick definition of the word Neoliberalism that pops up on Google is “a modified form of liberalism tending to favor free-market capitalism.”  So then their definition of Liberalism?  “The holding of liberal views.”

Google Goes Fascist

Bearing in mind that the elite owners of big internet corporations like Google are basically sympathetic to the political aims of the elite owners of the traditional Corporate Media, these circular and uninformative definitions that are provided to us is a deliberate tactic.  Other than “Liberal means bad” almost no one can define the word anymore.  At the same time pretty much no one can define “Neoliberal” any better than something like “pertaining to matters that are bigger than me and thus beyond my understanding.”

Older folks are bad enough with sorting out this stuff, but younger folks are totally confused.  I have heard people under 40 who hold advanced college degrees say in all seriousness that there is no difference between Liberalism and Neoliberalism.  Almost inevitably these younger folks follow up this confusion by stating an opposition to this false hybrid Liberalism and Neoliberalism which they call “Capitalism,” another word they don’t quite get.

Comic: "Take from the rich? Why that's class warfare! Cried the seriff of Nottingham as he pulled the bold and Robin dropped through the gallows door."

Since the definitions of the two words have been obscured, let me attempt to define them.  The first thing to understand is that the two words are opposites, like in and out, up and down, face and butt.  You can mix the two opposites but what you get is neither desirable nor compatible in the long run.

1) Liberalism is the philosophy developed over several centuries that elevates the individual as a being of worth that has inherent rights, all individuals. Neoliberalism is a recent idea that elevates corporations and their elite owners as beings of worth that have exclusive inherent rights.

2) Liberalism declares that all individuals have a right to own personal property free from threats of seizure.  Neoliberalism defines property acquired and controlled by any means available and at anyone else’s expense as the measure of individual worth.

3) Liberalism demands that government exists to serve and protect individuals and is directly accountable to people.  Neoliberalism demands that government exists to serve a narrow band of elites and to subject the overwhelming majority of to their whims.

The fuzzy detail that elite Neoliberals characteristically exploit is that basic tenet of Liberalism that allows all individuals to have the right to hold property.  Surely, say the elite Neoliberals, an individual has a right to hold as much property as he or she can grasp?  Are not limits on the amount of wealth one can acquire a violation of Liberal understanding?

U.S. Liberal Antifa Infantry Charge Into Battle against German Nazis, April 1945 U.S. Liberal Antifa Infantry Charge Into Battle against German Nazis, April 1945

Thus uncontrolled greed supported by a corrupted government has become the backbone of Neoliberal “philosophy.”  Nevermind that the Earth is littered with the remains of empires that have been looted into oblivion by their own elites.  Nevermind that our own society is currently experiencing the same steep decline fueled by greed that has destroyed so many other once vibrant nations.

As the new century dawned Americans became more and more generally uninformed and ignorant under deepening information censorship by the the monopolistic Corporate Media.  But during the first decade of the century technology provided competition for the Corporate Media, a new way for people to exchange information without the political filters of the Corporate Media.  This, of course, was the internet, which had been around in some form or other since the 1980s but only became widespread after about 2005.

Suddenly we started to see people express their Liberal natures without political filters.  The Corporate Media managers have scrambled ever since to find a way to suppress this uncontrolled exchange of information.  They have had some success but as of today they still haven’t found a way to silence the American values expressed online that terrify them so much.

Outnumbered Patriots Stand Up To Neo-Nazis, Charlottesville Virginia, August 2017 Outnumbered Patriots Stand Up To Neo-Nazis, Charlottesville Virginia, August 2017

So today, at the end of this miserable year of decline 2017, it is possible for an individual like myself to proclaim my adherence to basic American Liberalism for an audience of thousands.  I need not worry if my statements are too politically incorrect to be allowed to get published by some “editor,” a political factotum who edits out information that displeases his or her elite owners.  I am saying right here what I understand to be true, and I challenge the Neoliberal toadies to try and offer a refutation to my patriotism.

I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, I’ve always considered them to be depressing drudgery, it’s nearly impossible to change your own life for the better by making a sudden proclamation.  But this has been a long time coming for me.  I’ve watched the worst elements of our society, the layabout welfare queen elites, redefine what might be the most important word in our society in an effort to turn our nation into an open air prison for the vast majority of us.

I resolve this new year to be proud of my American values, the Liberal truths handed down to me by the Liberal army that fought the American Revolution so long ago.  I call upon my fellow patriots to learn to be proud of themselves again, to openly proclaim themselves Liberals as I intend to do.  And if anyone sneers at me for declaring myself a Liberal then I will not apologize, rather I will demand that they explain their disloyalty to their own country and ask why they hate themselves so much.

Sign on house: Re-pubs Hate America ; Americans Hate Re-pubs