Teabag Dittohead Re-pub Scum

October 12, 2013

The blogger is out of patience with America’s internal enemies, and suggests that the entire federal government be hauled before a grand jury

After being all too reasonable for most of my adult life I’m through with coddling these nasty freaks. Like they say, I’m done. These so-called “Republicans” are nothing but a bunch of spoiled brats who whine and complain, bluster and threaten and throw tantrums if the rest of us don’t serve their whims. I say that we patriotic Americans have coddled these immature traitorous scum for way too long, and it’s time we subjected them to some of the discipline that they secretly crave.

Because reasonable people have continuously yielded to these brats and not held them personally accountable for their actions, these Teabag Dittohead Re-pubs think the world owes them everything and that they can get away with anything. Look at the Democrats, how they follow behind these snotty children and concede and compromise until they appear almost indistinguishable from them. Typical Re-pub politicos are so uncompromisingly bratty, that they make that extreme right-wing radical corporatist Barack Obama look like a reasonable defender of the Bill of Rights. Which he most certainly is not.

It’s time to stop being reasonable with unreasonable children. If we let these irresponsible babies continue to dictate to us then we will continue to lose everything, our security, our livelihoods and eventually our very lives. The rest of us need to get together and agree on a way to hold these Re-pubs personally responsible for their anti-American behavior, and if necessary we need to administer harsh discipline or at the very least kick them out of this country so they can enjoy the government of a place like China.

House Speaker John Boehner House Speaker John Boehner

Let’s be honest and straightforward. The ultimate goal of the so-called “Republican” Party is to overthrow our elected government and establish a corporate dictatorship. That is what they mean when they say, “We want to drown the government in a bathtub.” And according to available observable evidence, the disorder that precedes dictatorship is the purpose of this current Re-pub shutdown of the government, supposedly over the Affordable Care Act.

Like all spoiled brats, deep down inside these Re-pubs desperately want someone, anyone to assume a fatherly demeanor and spank their fat bottoms until they cry. They are perpetual 8 year olds who are too immature to handle freedom. That is why they crave the discipline of dictatorship, that is why they are constantly obstructing progress and trying to shut down our Constitutional elected government.

It did not surprise me one bit to hear reports that these radical right wing corporate Teabag Dittohead America-haters have found a new hero in the virtual dictator of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Of course, Putin is exactly the kind of stern dominant father-figure that these perpetual eight year olds desperately crave. Actually he’s just another self-serving dictator and kleptocrat who enjoys no accountability, but these Re-pubs only care about image and have little use for reality. Besides, these selfish babies admire kleptocrats.

Teabagger Role Model And Hero Vladimir Putin Teabagger Role Model And Hero Vladimir Putin

Now, if these Re-pub brats were accustomed to doing things for themselves then they would all pack up and move to Russia or China or some other country controlled by a monopoly corporation. Those corporate societies, if you follow the Teabagger “philosophy,” are paradises. But because these brats only know how to complain, they spend their time trying to shut down our government and destroy our economy. Why make for yourself and do something useful when you can make problems for everybody by manipulating other people to do for you?

But because deep down all that these Re-pub brats want is for someone to slap their snotty faces and tell them to shut up, they want to bring Vladimir Putin to America. They want Stern Father to micromanage their lives, tell them what to think, where to live and even who they should sleep with. Ask them to make a choice and they throw a tantrum, give them an opportunity that involves work and they demand that someone else make the effort for them.

These Re-pubs don’t understand democracy and representative government, how could they? Whether they are conscious of it or not, and the biggest and loudest of them most certainly are, the desired end-result of all their activities, their imagined utopia, is the establishment of a corporate dictatorship over the United States. Make no mistake about it, Re-pubs want to overthrow the Constitution and above all obliterate the Bill of Rights from human memory.

In other words, Re-pubs are traitors, their agenda is to transform our entire country into a vast outdoor prison. Republicans are a social cancer, a potentially fatal disease that must be treated aggressively if our nation wants to survive. And BTW, Democrats who behave like Re-pubs are part of the same cancer.

That's Pretty Much What Happened That’s Pretty Much What Happened

The Constitution, or rather respect for the document, is the reason why our nation has prospered spectacularly. What makes the Constitution so effective is that it is powered by the Bill of Rights. It is no exaggeration to say that our wealth and power as well as our freedom rests entirely upon the Bill of Rights.

When it is respected and adhered to, the Bill of Rights guarantees that the leaders of our society are answerable to the wants and needs of The People whom they serve. When it is not respected the leaders quickly turn into privileged parasites who look down their noses and consider The People to be nothing more than sources of income. From that point of view it is only natural that these elite parasites would want to control and micromanage these sources of income, The People.

That is the motivation behind government oppression. That is why our nation’s borders have been militarized, that is why we have armed checkpoints at the entrances of public buildings and in airports, that is why civil police have been turning into paramilitary assault squads. This is the reason why federal courts and judges are no longer independent, why judicial decisions are made in secret by bureaucrats just like such things are done routinely in North Korea.

Teabagger's Imagined Paradise Teabagger’s Imagined Paradise

Our elected leaders, both Re-pubs and their obedient Democrats, are discarding the Bill of Rights so that they can protect profits, but for whom? On whose behalf? It’s not like the old days when politicians both petty and fat accepted envelopes stuffed with bills under the table from local fat cats. They don’t have to accept bribes from Little People like you and me anymore, that was always a risky thing to do.

Today’s politicians still accept bribes alright, perhaps more than ever before. But now the bribes come from the billionaire owners of corporations who have no loyalty for or respect for the Constitution. They issue paychecks to those politicians who in turn do as they are told. Meanwhile the handful of politicians who don’t take orders from corporatist billionaires are condemned to fight to hold on to their positions.

As far as the billionaire owners of these corporations are concerned, the Bill of Rights allows the source of their income to compete with them. And that, from their point of view, is absurd. Understand that point. The persons who run corporations consider the American People to be competition. Freedom cuts into their profits. Therefore the competition’s ability to compete must be eliminated. Therefore, the Bill of Rights must be destroyed.

 "If Elected I Promise To Defend The 4th Amendment, Protect The Middle Class And Close Guantanamo." "If Elected I Promise To Defend The 4th Amendment, Protect The Middle Class And Close Guantanamo."

Today’s elected officials, at best, act as buffers between the billionaire corporate owners and the despised American Citizens. These Buffering Officials are divided into two main factions, each reflecting a difference of opinion among their owners about how best to manage the despised citizens. This difference of opinion guides and rules both the Democratic and Radical Re-pub Parties.

The first faction, which is most of the Democrats and includes Barack Obama, believes that it is important to keep the despised citizens relatively healthy and happy so that they can continue to provide income for the owners and not raise much of a fuss. But not too healthy and happy, not so that We The People can have enough money and political power to become competitive again with the billionaires. And they certainly don’t want any of us to feel secure, if they can keep us isolated and feeling nervous then it’s a lot easier to manage us.

The other faction, identified with the Teabag Dittohead Re-pubs, does not think about preserving the future at all. Unlike the relatively conservative Democrats, the radical Gop politicos want to immediately destroy the US economy, overthrow the government and cause widespread chaos and impoverishment across the nation as quickly as possible. This, these scumballs believe, will rapidly deliver maximum profits to the billionaires by allowing their corporations to loot and pillage the American landscape until there is nothing left worth stealing.

Charles And David Koch Hate America Charles And David Koch Hate America

If you are naive enough to consider that to be untrue, consider the plain fact that this current Government Shutdown has been planned by these traitors for months. From the Boston Globe:

To many Americans, the shutdown came out of nowhere. But interviews with a wide array of “conservatives” show that the confrontation that precipitated the crisis was the outgrowth of a long-running effort to undo the law since its passage in 2010 — waged by a galaxy of “conservative” groups with more money, organized tactics, and interconnections than is commonly known… The billionaire Koch brothers, Charles and David, have been deeply involved with financing the overall effort. A group linked to the Kochs, Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, disbursed more than $200 million in 2012 to nonprofit organizations involved in the fight.