The Attack On Islamberg

February 6, 2017

How some patriotic Americans turned aside a pogrom against a Muslim community

[Last May The Wife participated in an action to defend an isolated community of American Muslims located in the rural hills of Delaware County in New York State. The report that I’d written was buried inside of a post on this blog published in June and received very little attention. So because the ongoing threat to Muslims is imminent, and because very soon anybody who is considered an opponent of the ruling Re-pubs may very well receive similar threats to their property and to their bodies from rad righty thugs and neo-nazis, I’ve reposted the report with some additions and corrections. I’ve also included more of the excellent (under the circumstances) photos that The Wife took with her phone.]

Waiting For The Attack On Islamberg Waiting For The Attack On Islamberg

In our present day perhaps the only group of people it is officially considered okay to denigrate and spit upon in this country is Muslims, or more specifically, lower income Muslims, especially immigrants. Rich Muslims, such as the royal family of Saudi Arabia or the totalitarian Sheik of Abu Dhabi who owns the Global Foundries chip fab in Malta north of Albany, are of course regarded as exceptional and acceptable. Money magically confers superiority. But if the Muslims are working class, immigrants and especially if they are black, then we have been repeatedly told that they are fair game for abuse.

Residents And Visitors Wait For The Bare Naked Islam Nitwits To Attack Islamberg Residents And Visitors Wait For
The Bare Naked Islam Nitwits To Attack Islamberg

This past May The Wife got involved with physically opposing some of that “acceptable” discrimination of Muslims, this particular discrimination directed at a small group living in the back country south and east of Albany, harmless people trying to mind their own business. Islamberg is a small isolated town in Delaware County near the Pennsylvania border with a population of not much more than 200 people. From Wikipedia:

The hamlet was founded in the late 1980s by… a group of primarily African American Muslims who left New York City, reportedly to escape crime, poverty and racism. They built a community of some 40 family houses, with its own grocery store and bookstore and place of worship… "Holy Islamberg", as residents refer to it, is also the headquarters of the Muslims of America organization.