The Medal Hurling Ceremony, Part Two

May 29, 2012

Veterans of our recent corporate wars make their stand in Chicago and The Wife doesn’t get tased

Because I used so many of The Wife’s pictures, this report is in two parts.
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This is Part Two

The cops had moved in and tightened their threatening cordon, hoping to provoke an incident. The corporate media tour bus had scooted away and was nowhere to be seen. The Medal Hurling Ceremony was ready to begin.

Again, looking over all these photos, I wonder over and over what the cops were thinking. Here is an actively deployed paramilitary force, accustomed to obeying orders from command without question, acting in a threatening manner toward our military men and women. Did any of these cops feel ashamed of what they were doing? Do these guys and gals really think our Veterans are The Enemy that needs to be repressed?

I certainly am starting to wonder what will happen after our American society disintegrates into civil war, which I think is a real possibility for the near future. Which side will the cops be on, which side will the Veterans choose? Who will use their weapons training to defend the US Constitution, and who will hire out as gunners for the foreign corporations?

Former Marine Iris Feliciano: "We No Longer Stand For Their Lies." Former Marine Iris Feliciano:
"We No Longer Stand For Their Lies."

First up was former Marine Iris Feliciano, who served in the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Ms. Feliciano directed her comments to the NATO delegates:

I want to tell the folks behind us, in these enclosed walls, where they build more policies based on lies and fear, that we no longer stand for them. We no longer stand for their lies, their failed policies and these unjust wars. Bring our troops home now and end the war now.