Triumph Of The Corporate Media

January 14, 2017

The Electoral Coup of 2016 means we are all screwed

The so-called Republican Party is a cancer upon the body of our American society. For decades this social disease has been kept more or less in check by institutions and prevailing attitudes that have allowed our country to live well and thrive. But the more a cancer spreads and replaces the healthy parts of the body the less likely that cancer can be removed without killing the entire body.

It appears all too likely that we have reached the point where the cancer has metastasized beyond the point of no return. Beginning with the opening of the gerrymandered Congress after New Year’s the United States is a body waiting to die, messily and painfully, the individual cells of our body turned into greedy death machines. Most of us will be trapped inside the body as it falls apart.

And a happy new year to you. Enjoy these final days of peace and prosperity.

Donald Pussygrabber Trump Donald Pussygrabber Trump

Since the Electoral Coup this past November I’ve had this notion of trying to catalogue and explain how this coup was carried out, and why the vast majority of Americans have passively accepted the stripping away of their American freedoms. But damn that’s an enormous task. And damn it, how do you explain the obvious to people who are in denial, who not only don’t want to acknowledge the obvious but are being carefully distracted from thinking about it by the corrupt Corporate Media that controls so much of our thinking?

Yes, this was a coup. If you can’t see that for yourself then you will never see it, at least not until it is far too late to do anything about it. Oh, there is a scattering of informed people here and there who see it all too clearly and can see what is coming. However, there probably isn’t a writer or commentator on this planet that can counter the haze of deeply planted propaganda that is making the vast majority of Americans passively accept the end of elected government and the subsequent ruination of our security and prosperity.

So I’ll run through this quick. To start, please consider that the polls were way off from the official vote counts everywhere, not just a little bit but massively off. Exit polls were way off too. There’s always a margin for error but not like that. But you probably haven’t given that much thought because the Corporate Media hasn’t made any mention of that since shortly after election day. That in itself, this silence about a key issue, is a red flag.

Traitors Love Pussygrabber Traitors Love Pussygrabber

You may have heard about voter suppression. The problem is so widespread that it has actually been occasionally mentioned by the Corporate Media, a sure sign that it is pervasive and out of control. Along with disenfranchisement of voters it is well known that there are vast regions of gerrymandered congressional districts and election districts particularly throughout the Midwest. This assures that the radical right minority can continue to be grossly overrepresented.

But the biggest problem was not voter suppression, it was suppression of votes. Just before the election journalist Greg Palast discovered that the audit function on electronic voting machines in Ohio (and in other states) had been turned off on the machines. This meant that there was and is no hard record of how individuals voted other than one electronic blip each. And almost no one complained. The easy vulnerability of these machines is an old problem, one that Barack Obama could have dealt with during his eight years in office but chose to ignore.

During the attempts at vote recounts in Michigan and Wisconsin we saw local Republican Party operatives throwing out enormous batches of votes for ridiculous reasons. These perversions of the right to vote were automatically upheld by, you guessed it, judges appointed by the Re-pub Party. One thing I can say about the Re-pubs, a sort of grudging admiration, is that the apparatchiks in the party are quite obedient and work together as one unit. The party comrades know how to work together under their chiefs.

Donald Pussygrabber Welcomes Reince Preibus Into The Bedchamber Donald Pussygrabber Welcomes Reince Preibus Into The Bedchamber

No one thinks it strange that the head of the Republican Party, that elitist with the bizarre name Reince Preibus, was given the powerful post of White House chief of staff. Now, why would Donald Pussygrabber reward the party head with such a prize, especially when it was reported during the campaign that Preibus was at most lukewarm with the candidate? Could there have been a deal, fix the election in return for a key post at the door of the bedchamber? That would be very hard to prove without a lot of investigation. But isn’t that rather odd that there are no inquiries.

This is how a fascistic minority has seized control of our society. It was this obedient coordination by the party comrades that took advantage of the disarray by the American voters, most of whom behaved as if this was just another election. If you’ve seen that Donald Pussygrabber is going into his January 20 inauguration with a disapproval rate that is well over 50% then you can see that the electoral process was indeed perverted by Re-pub Party perverts.

Bored Already?  Not Enough Diet Pills? Bored Already? Not Enough Diet Pills?

No, the election wasn’t stolen because of the Electoral College, although careful manipulation of that institution was at the center of the theft. The College is actually designed to prevent thefts like this, isn’t it ironic that it turned into the instrument of a stolen election. Eliminating the College will not change a thing, not as long as it is against the law to monitor e-voting machines for fraud. Yes, by law.

No, the election wasn’t ruined because Vladimir Putin of Russia hacked into email servers and revealed tidbits of information to the Corporate Media which ran with it. Foreign governments have been hacking onto US servers for decades and this country has been hacking into theirs. Anyone who wastes time arguing about this one way or the other is obediently allowing themselves to be distracted from the real problems.

No, the election wasn’t stolen because the capo of the FBI, James Comey, spread a bunch of lies about the Democratic candidate a week before the election. Comey’s behavior did reveal to one and all what some of us have known for a while, that the FBI is a partisan political organization that routinely commits perjury, a secretive militia with a political agenda. Of course Comey’s statements, like the Putin hacks, would have had no meaning except that the Corporate Media amplified this garbage and presented it as fact.

Senator Bernie Sanders, The President We Didn’t Deserve Senator Bernie Sanders, The President We Don’t Deserve

No, the election wasn’t stolen because of a poor candidate put up by the Democrats after the party insiders rejected a candidate who was almost guaranteed to win. It is indeed true that the Old Boy Corporatists inside the Democratic Party manipulated the Primaries so that the Old Boy Corporatist candidate Hillary Clinton got the nomination. True Conservative Senator Bernie Sanders would have openly swept across the electorate as powerfully as Barack Obama did in 2008 and carried both houses of Congress with him.

Oh yes he would have. Consider this. Donald Pussygrabber, who was heavily promoted by the Corporate Media, put on a phony show of defying the Corporate Media, to which a large swath of voters responded enthusiastically. Bernie Sanders, who until late in the game was totally censored and was constantly downgraded by the Corporate Media, emerged as a much more sincere direct critic of the Corporate Media and thus became a major viable candidate. If Bernie had secured the Democratic nomination as a platform he would have been able to savage the Corporate Media without mercy, and thus demonstrate the obvious insincerity of Pussygrabber’s media posturings for all to see.

The Phony Brat-Man Vs. The Girl The Phony Brat-Man Vs. The Girl

Meanwhile, Ms. Clinton acted every inch the Old Boy Corporatist and refused to confront the Corporate Media. It’s as if she put her trust and faith in the Corporate Media! Instead, her campaign was centered around well produced TV ads that said, in effect, “Vote for me because I’m not Trump” and not much else.

Even splattered with three decades of mostly unjustified negatives by the Corporate Media Ms. Clinton still could have won the election merely by openly confronting the Corporate Media like Mr. Sanders and Pussygrabber did. In fact, had she done that she would have not only have instantly shed those decades of negatives, she would have picked up millions of admirers and won the election handily.

Donald Pussygrabber’s Favorite Modifier Donald Pussygrabber’s Favorite Modifier

Instead, on what could plausibly called a subliminal level, we were treated during the TV debates to the spectacle of Pussygrabber acting the defiant manly man while The Girl passively accepted the feces thrown at her. In that sense Ms. Clinton decisively lost the TV debates to the experienced TV actor. She misread the landscape just like that big pack of Re-pub Primary candidates did last Autumn, and now she has been left behind among them.

Because yes, this past election was a referendum on the Corporate Media. A growing number of Americans, particularly those who are under 40 years of age, have figured out that the Corporate Media is a coordinated tool of the Corporatist political agenda. Unfortunately, too many people who realize this are unaware that despite this suspicion, they too are being manipulated by the Corporate Media. They are sure they are too smart to be manipulated like everyone else is.

Delete This Noisy Garbage Delete This Noisy Garbage

Enough of that. I can go on and on about what happened, I can engage in research to back up every one of my statements with supporting arguments and citations. But what’s the use? Most people won’t pay the slightest attention no matter how hard any expert or public figure works at trying to get them to understand, let alone some blogger like me. All most people listen to is the Corporate Media distractions and nothing beyond. If it’s not being endlessly repeated by the Corporate Media, then it didn’t happen.

This 2016 Electoral Coup is the Corporate Media’s greatest triumph, the final undermining of elected government in America. This is the beginning of the end, the negating of the gains for our people made by the Liberal Revolution of 1776. This is the Sunset of America that began with Ronnie Reagan. This is the dawn of the Corporate Dictatorship, the inauguration of the crumbling decadent empire that exists for the benefit of a select group of insiders who are needed to prop up the regime and for no one else.

And of course, it is the triumph of the so-called Republican Party. The symbol of the Re-pub Party, you may recall, is the elephant. That’s because of the idea that elephants “never forget.” Have you ever asked yourself what the Re-pub elephant has never forgotten? That elephant has never forgotten what America was like before 1776, when we the people deferred to wealthy aristocrats and we knew our place beneath them. That subservient past is the future we have before us. It will not be pleasant.

Delete This Noisy Garbage